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Green New Energy Attracted Attention with High-end Power Lithium Battery

Release date:2017-09-06

August 25, Shandong Green New Energy Co.,Ltd. appeared on 2017 Shandong International Energy and New Energy Auto Show. Wedisplayed the main product of 90/120/150 Ah module, battery and batterysystem.The new flexible battery caused a wide range of domestic and foreigncustomers’ attention.

Power battery of Green New Energy isdivided into 3 kinds, ternary, lithium iron phosphate and new compound lithium manganate battery with high energy,consistence and other advantages. It uses laminated flexible packaging process,current afflux uniformly and good heat dissipating capacity. Thesoft battery uses a special diaphragm material to improve the membrane of theliquid retention capacity and porosity, reducing the battery resistance. 

During the exhibition, Lichi, Juntong,Baoya, Hongri and Nanjing Jinlong, Dell Le and other depots cometi our to visitand talk. Our customers have made great interest in Green New Energy products,and both sides have conducted in-depth communication and laid a good foundationfor the next cooperation.

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