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Deep Coopration Achieved A Win-win Situation Green New Energy Signed Two Major Projects

Release date:2017-09-06

August 19,Atttact investment & talent launch of Dongying District was held in BeijingWanda Sofitel Hotel. As Dongying District New Strategic Industryrepresentative, Green New Energy singed strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Lifan New Energy Co., Ltd.andTsinghua University, nuclear and new energy technology research instituterespectively.

Chongqing Lifan New Energy Co., Ltd. General Manager MuJun and Shandong GreenHolding Group Chairman Sunqian signed on Lifan New Energy & Shandong Green sharedcar Dongying Zhilan project.

Mujun said that Green New Energy as the only partner of Lifan new energy inDongying, the two sides will establish cooperation from time to time leasing,energy station, network bus, taxi, battery and waste battery recycling andother aspects.

At the same time, Nuclear and New Energy Technology Institute of TsinghuaUniversity, Dr. He Xiangming and Green New Energy Executive Vice President LiShuhua signed strategic cooperation agreement of new energy lithium(automobile) industrial park. The two sides will jointly build the only newenergy lithium (Automotive) Technology Research Institute.

Under the guidance of the Dongying District Party Committee and thedistrict government, the two sides will realize the strategic goal win-winsituation through continuous in-depth cooperation, and actively promote theDongying City's energy-saving emission reduction, smart city, green travel andemployment promotion.

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