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Green New Energy and Dongying District Government Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Release date:2017-09-06

On August 24,Shandong Green Holding Group and Dongying District Government signed thestrategic cooperation agreement of South Tour Resort, which marks thelong-standing cooperation between the two sides pushed to new heights. DongyingDistrict Party Committee Secretary Yan Naimin attended the meeting. DongyingDistrict Deputy Mayor Liu Mingjun and Group Chairman Sunqian signed thestrategic cooperation agreement.

Under theagreement, the two sides will cooperation in the integration of resources, fillingshort board, precision packaging, development and promotion of unique tourismprojects and other aspects. As the representative of new energy enterprises, GreenNew Energy will take full advantage of the Group's resources,to support for thedevelopment of key tourism projects in the southern region.

The next step, GreenNew Energy will adhere to the government guidance, accurately grasp the currenteconomic and social development of the new situation, enhance confidence, seizethe opportunity to create the south of the scenic tourist resort as the core,and strive to promote the regional tourism industry to achieve great development.

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